If you are an avid collector of samurai swords, then browsing the Internet is what you should do. I must warn you though, online shops have wide array of choices of medieval swords for sale , you might be overwhelmed with all the choices that you can choose from. However, if you are looking for authentic swords, then you must take precautionary measures in choosing which to buy. This is because not all swords and shields found online are authentic. Some of them are fake and are meant only for display purposes.

If you are on the lookout for ornamental wall designs, then will not have any problem looking for one. All you have to do is choose one which suits your taste and it’s already mission accomplished. Aside from that, you don’t have to spend more than US$50 in buying a wall design.

Distinguishing which sword for sale is authentic or not is really not that easy; this is most especially true for people who are just starting to collect such swords. Most people do not have enough knowledge about the difference between an ornamental swords and a sword which you can use to cut things with. In fact, most people think that there are no difference at all.

Being ignorant about such matters can be harmful for you. This is because you cannot use an ornamental sword during fights and sparring. Why? Well, this is because the ornamental swords can be easily broken and cut off. Once these happens, you may be placed in great danger. This the very reason why collectors must have knowledge regarding this subject.

Sad as it may seem, most medieval swords up for sale in the Internet are all what collectors may regard as ‘sword-like’ objects. This means that these swords may seem authentic and strong but once you swing this in the air or use this to break a vase, nothing will happen. And to add insult to injury, the handle of the swords may break and the handle may shatter or worse, it will come flying off with so much speed that it can surely hurt anybody near you.

When looking for an authentic sword, the first thing that you should look in the seller’s description are the words: battle ready or functional. But as we all know, not all sellers are honest. Most of them put such descriptions even if the sword they are selling is not really authentic.

To further help you with distinguishing the difference, here are the three most important things that you should know about authentic swords:

* The materials used in making real swords are HIGH CARBON STEEL and NOT STAINLESS STEEL.

* Real swords undergo proper heat treatment to make sure that the swords are not too brittle nor too soft.

* Real swords have ‘full tang’. By full tang, we mean that the metal insert that is slided into the handle is forged as an integral part of the sword and not a separate part that is only welded afterwards