Learning How to Fly Rc Helicopters


To fly rc helicopters is not that simple as it looks. One may have seen a pilot when he was a newbie and thought flying the remote controlled helicopter is simple. Then, when you try your own remote control helicopter, you find it’s frustrating, that it is not simple as it seemed. There are certain factors a newbie is supposed to learn and know before being able to fly rc helicopters up in the air keeping them in control. It can start with the use of the simulator first. Because this is where one’s flying tips are learned. You have to use a simulator and familiarize yourself with it before flying the real remote control helicopter. That is when you become familiarized with the characteristic if rc flight. When one doesn’t use a simulator to train how to fly, there are many unexpected things the person is going to encounter. This emphasizes the usefulness of a flight simulator. They can be pretty expensive at 160 to 230 dollars but they save much in parts as well as learning how to fly. A simulator is not a game in the sense that each time you crash, it costs you hundred of dollars. When riding a hundred dollars on it, one would try as much as possible to make sure the flight makes it to the end. As a result you develop good rc helicopters flying habits here. Do not let the helicopter hit you even though it cannot in the simulator but in the real flight, you need to watch out. Remote controlled c helicopters can get a little too far from your location. It may be too hard to see that on a simulator but it’s something one has to work on. The flight simulator helps newbie’s train to land rc choppers on the ground well and precise and land it wherever they want to but also pointing any direction that seems appropriate to the riders. The rc helicopters flight should be done with all the trims slightly off centre. The trims can be adjusted at random so one gets used to it. Do it several times. The art of mastery in control of flight comes from moving all sticks like crazy all over the place for the helicopter to be in a precarious position before leveling it out as fast as you can. The wind can be turned up to 10 mph, repeating all of the above. Flight practice should be done left to right back and forth, then practice flying in and out with no hitting or flying over oneself. One thing way to easy are the auto rotations in CSM, so don’t rely on the simulator practice for help in the real rc choppers flight. In order to get the real feel of difficulty flying real flight autorotation, go into any configuration screen that has a “blade drag ratio” and double it. By default it should be at 0.22, now set it to at least 0.44. Experimentation can be done with loops and rolls. After considering all the above mentioned factors in simulation flight, then you are ready to try real rc helicopters.

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