Internet Marketing in the Age of Reddit

While still unfamiliar to some less proficient Internet Marketers, with its 330 Million active monthly users, Reddit is a true gold mine for IM. Whatever your niche may be, it’s surely on Reddit, along with tons of eager Redditers. It’s just a matter of accessing this tremendous resource. Most of us are familiar with ways to force going viral on other platforms, but how about Reddit? Well, on Reddit the upvote is king. It’s the community’s way of propelling your content to stardom. But did you know that you can buy Reddit upvotes? Some of you had no idea, right?

Traction of a specific post is basically built on this platform by the community which, via its upvotes, signals the service that the post is an interesting one, that deserves to be seen by many. But, as with most other platforms, gaining the initial boost is quite difficult and, for the professional marketer, implies the use of some guerilla marketing approaches, such as using a service to automate and guarantee this initial push in the right direction.

However, as with any other non-orthodox approach to boosting content traction, the importance of choosing the right provider for the service is paramount. Just like a poor quality SEO provider might actually affect your website rather than benefit its rankings, a less-than-par place to buy Reddit upvotes can not only hurt your post, but can actually get you banned on the platform. So, while venturing on this incredible market and deciding to take advantage of having access to tons of upvotes to get you the traction you need, make sure you choose wisely and choose smart the service you will work with. For example, in my experience, after a few hit-and-misses, I’ve stumbled upon a great service at Check them out but don’t take my word for it. Talk to them, check out their incredible experience and decide for yourself.

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