So Hard, To Know What, NORMAL, Is, Anymore?

Nearly every day, I find myself, right now, feeling, what is happening, just, isn’t NORMAL, anymore! While change may, often, be necessary/ needed, and beneficial/ good, making changes, simply, for – change, sake, rarely creates a quality difference, for that better! Although, I have often, disagreed by incorporating (as well as many) on the ideas, priorities, approaches, and actions of our own previous Presidents, many are finding these past, nearly 33 months, anyway, stressful, and, often, feeling, along with this being behavior and rhetoric, on the present occupant in the White House, unusual and disturbing, but, often, at odds, with those principles of freedoms, liberties, and justice, for many, our nation has always represented! With that in mind, this article try to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, while using the mnemonic approach, how this works and represents, and why, we have to pay keen attention, and find a solution, sooner, instead of later!

1. Niceties; needs; nuances: Whether one functions as President or otherwise, we normally want to interact, with folks, who respect the niceties, of basic humanity, while, President Trump, seems, ill – at – ease, articulating in, even, a civil manner! Leading this nation, requires addressing the wants, priorities, and hopes for all our citizens, in spite of personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Often, it’s the nuances of interacting, online websites, which appears to be lacking, currently!

2. Open – minded; options; organized: Don’t we should be served by someone, that is open – minded, instead of adversarial, and polarizing? Great leaders consider various options and alternatives, in a organized, focused, constituents – first, manner!

3. Relevant; reliable; responsive; responsible; realistic: Denying Climate Change, and avoiding any discussions, which doesn’t often favor his personal perspective, etc, is, neither relevant, nor realistic! We need reliable leadership, and that is, consistently, both, responsible and responsive!

4. Motivating; make mark; mention: President Trump’s approach, looks like it’s making, nearly everything, about him! Rarely, does he seem willing, to note, the contributions of others, and instead of trying to be motivating and inspiring to the majority, he may seem to focus, nearly entirely, on his core supporters! Our leaders have always made their mark, to the better, during times of crisis, yet, today, few proceed forward, with this particular degree of confidence, through this individual!

5. Attitude; aptitude; attention; articulate: How often have we witnessed, this man, proclaim, something is, phony, or perhaps a fake fact, whenever, it does not support, either him, or his perspective/ actions? Wouldn’t most, feel great, when we were led by someone, which has a positive, can – do, evolutionary leader, rather than one, centered on, Make America Great Again? Have you every felt, President Donald Trump, has refused to build up the skill – set, and/ or, aptitude, which could assist him, in focusing, to your wants, goals, priorities, and perceptions, of our citizens? Articulating an adversarial, polarizing message, makes a lot of us, uncomfortable!

6. Lying; learning; listening; leading; love: Shouldn’t Americans feel, Love Trumps Hate? How can we trust someone, when fact – checkers, state, he constantly, lies? A quality leader, have to be devoted and specialized in, relevant learning, listening (so as to learn), and leading, in the well – considered way!

Wake up, America, this is not normal! We have visit a time, when either, each of us, are more involved, and committed towards the true, time – tested, American Way, of life!

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