American Silver Eagle Coins – Brief History And Its Use


The American Silver Eagle Coins were introduced in the year 1986. One can find that these silver bullion coins are still made only in New York. The value attached to these coins is due to the amount of silver it contains. While a lot of people are of the opinion that they should be allowed to buy things with these coins though its face value is a lot lesser than its actual worth. One can buy the American Silver Eagle Coins in either bullion or proofs. A one that is more famous among the two is the silver bullion. There is 99.9% silver in the American Silver Eagle Coins and their weight is about 31.103 grams. The coins were designed by Adolphe A Weinman who made it with the Lady Liberty wrapped in the flag along with a laurel and olive branch in her hand. The rear tails side of the coin has the design of the eagle with arrows and the olive branch. These coins are worth so much that people that know the value will pay you cash for the coin right away. It will not be wrong to say that so far these coins have been created in so many millions and sold to so many people that it makes one of the most ideal investment. Even while it is no less worthy when these coins have been created its worth increases even more as the days go by . Each person that buys one of these precious coins also receives a certificate with it that shows that it is indeed authentic and not a replica. Trust me you will be very happy that you made this decision as collecting will be worth it to start for a small price. This is one of the best investment options for those in the marketing business to be prepared for any eventuality in the business and these coins come very handy in such situations. It is just a matter of time when one can simply sell them to cover up the losses. For anyone it would be a great investment really. Everyone needs to understand that silver is always a better option than gold as it serves a lot of functionality. One can easily come out of their financial problems by selling this for cash at any point of time. One can buy the silver rather than the gold and more notably the American Silver Eagle Coins . If you just think about how silver is a lot more affordable but increases in value over time, then you just might want to start investing in buying your American Silver Eagle Coins today.

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Learning How to Fly Rc Helicopters


To fly rc helicopters is not that simple as it looks. One may have seen a pilot when he was a newbie and thought flying the remote controlled helicopter is simple. Then, when you try your own remote control helicopter, you find it’s frustrating, that it is not simple as it seemed. There are certain factors a newbie is supposed to learn and know before being able to fly rc helicopters up in the air keeping them in control. It can start with the use of the simulator first. Because this is where one’s flying tips are learned. You have to use a simulator and familiarize yourself with it before flying the real remote control helicopter. That is when you become familiarized with the characteristic if rc flight. When one doesn’t use a simulator to train how to fly, there are many unexpected things the person is going to encounter. This emphasizes the usefulness of a flight simulator. They can be pretty expensive at 160 to 230 dollars but they save much in parts as well as learning how to fly. A simulator is not a game in the sense that each time you crash, it costs you hundred of dollars. When riding a hundred dollars on it, one would try as much as possible to make sure the flight makes it to the end. As a result you develop good rc helicopters flying habits here. Do not let the helicopter hit you even though it cannot in the simulator but in the real flight, you need to watch out. Remote controlled c helicopters can get a little too far from your location. It may be too hard to see that on a simulator but it’s something one has to work on. The flight simulator helps newbie’s train to land rc choppers on the ground well and precise and land it wherever they want to but also pointing any direction that seems appropriate to the riders. The rc helicopters flight should be done with all the trims slightly off centre. The trims can be adjusted at random so one gets used to it. Do it several times. The art of mastery in control of flight comes from moving all sticks like crazy all over the place for the helicopter to be in a precarious position before leveling it out as fast as you can. The wind can be turned up to 10 mph, repeating all of the above. Flight practice should be done left to right back and forth, then practice flying in and out with no hitting or flying over oneself. One thing way to easy are the auto rotations in CSM, so don’t rely on the simulator practice for help in the real rc choppers flight. In order to get the real feel of difficulty flying real flight autorotation, go into any configuration screen that has a “blade drag ratio” and double it. By default it should be at 0.22, now set it to at least 0.44. Experimentation can be done with loops and rolls. After considering all the above mentioned factors in simulation flight, then you are ready to try real rc helicopters.

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Internet Marketing in the Age of Reddit

While still unfamiliar to some less proficient Internet Marketers, with its 330 Million active monthly users, Reddit is a true gold mine for IM. Whatever your niche may be, it’s surely on Reddit, along with tons of eager Redditers. It’s just a matter of accessing this tremendous resource. Most of us are familiar with ways to force going viral on other platforms, but how about Reddit? Well, on Reddit the upvote is king. It’s the community’s way of propelling your content to stardom. But did you know that you can buy Reddit upvotes? Some of you had no idea, right?

Traction of a specific post is basically built on this platform by the community which, via its upvotes, signals the service that the post is an interesting one, that deserves to be seen by many. But, as with most other platforms, gaining the initial boost is quite difficult and, for the professional marketer, implies the use of some guerilla marketing approaches, such as using a service to automate and guarantee this initial push in the right direction.

However, as with any other non-orthodox approach to boosting content traction, the importance of choosing the right provider for the service is paramount. Just like a poor quality SEO provider might actually affect your website rather than benefit its rankings, a less-than-par place to buy Reddit upvotes can not only hurt your post, but can actually get you banned on the platform. So, while venturing on this incredible market and deciding to take advantage of having access to tons of upvotes to get you the traction you need, make sure you choose wisely and choose smart the service you will work with. For example, in my experience, after a few hit-and-misses, I’ve stumbled upon a great service at Check them out but don’t take my word for it. Talk to them, check out their incredible experience and decide for yourself.

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Your Reference Is Showing

I *guess* my ticket was somehow lost in the mail, dear readers, because I was – again – not invited to the Costume Institute‘s Annual Gala. Huh. Oh well. Next year, right? Regardless, there are umpteen pictures out there capturing the glory and fabulousness of it all. Currently the Institute is home to the exhibit “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy,” which is just as, um, fantastical as it sounds. Or at least it looks pretty fantastical from what I can tell. All those retro-futuristic looks from designers like Balenciaga, Galliano, McQueen, and Mugler, just to name a few, would surely look better in some hyper-stylized movie setting than in real life. Unless you have a penchant for full body armor (cough – Beyonce – cough), these pieces will only ever been seen on the runway. Except maybe for the outfit to the right, which was worn with ferocity in a George Michael video. The rest of the pieces, though, do make for a smashing museum exhibit.

The attendees at the Gala, of course, take their sartorial cues from this temporary exhibit and many dressed with the odd cape (André Leon Talley), random chest insignia (Naomi Watts), ginormous belt (Eugenia Silva), or custom Dior sunglasses (lots of people) in homage to the theme. Some, however, seemed to be inspired by something else altogether. Vogue editor Anna Wintour, for example, resembled not so much a member of the Hall of Justice as a Tauntaun roaming the plains of Hoth. (Let the record show the DCGF had to dig hard for that reference. I am not a Star Wars junkie!) The resemblance of horns…the slightly fuzzy texture of her Chanel Haute Couture gown…think about it. At least those little coil things appear to be able to keep her hands warm, should she be lost in a snow storm without Han Solo. Perhaps I’d like the dress better without what appears to be the giant-shouldered shrug layered on top. But her necklaces seem to be competing with the neckline, which is never a good thing. All in all, I think it’s a super-bad look, especially for Anna, who usually fares much better.

Zac Posen pulled out a weird look, too. Let me just write this out for you: bright blue suit, black button down shirt, red bow tie. Sounds strange right? Place that look next to Kate Mara in a canary-yellow Zac Posen gown and you have an unholy pairing that can only be described as Matthew Lesko-meets-red-carpet. It really pains me to type that sentence. I think the blue suit might be okay, if the pants weren’t made of the same shiny material as the lapel. Are you with me on this? No pajama suit pants, Zac! I mean, I even like his Clark Kent glasses and the way his bow tie is reminiscent of Pee-Wee Herman. I even like that. Just not the pants. As for Kate’s dress, it’s typical Posen, which is to say it’s frilly and formfitting yes still voluminous and I’m sure Natalie Portman or Claire Danes would be equally at home in it. So…meh.

At least they didn’t fare as poorly as Alexandra Kotur (yes, that’s her real last name) from (no, I’m not picking on Vogue). Her Carolina Herrera dress is nothing if not matronly, but that’s who Herrera often designs for, so I’m not mad at that aspect in theory. I guess I’d have to say it’s the severe hairstyle, the seeming lack of make-up and the tilted stance that left me thinking of nothing but the Leaning Tower of Pisa when I saw this picture. So. Many. Layers. And the color palette is very…uh…gosh. I’m not sure. The bow around the waist? Unforgivable. That’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. There’s nothing heroic about wearing a dress like this. In fact, Kotur needs a superhero to rescue her from this frock!

Many dressed well at the event, especially the men who turned up in classic tuxedos and snappy shoes. Well played Chris Noth and Tom Welling. As for the rest there are still so many questions unanswered. Did Pucci underwrite this event? Why were there an abundance of unflattering fishtail hemlines? Are Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Douillon the same person? Tune in next week to find out!


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Signed Football Memorabilia- Autographed Footballs and Signed Shirts


Collecting football autographs is not as easy as you would assume, what with most football teams training grounds being enclosed it makes it very difficult to get signed photos, signed memorabilia or an autograph football. Although it is difficult you will still get players stopping to sign the odd football autograph and autograph footballs for the fans. Often what works well is trying to get the away teams for football signed memorabilia as they will sometimes train at the home teams ground the night before and in the past I have managed to obtain several items of autographed memorabilia by this method including a Chelsea shirt signed along with a few special pieces of soccer memorabilia. You could also try and find out where the away team is staying as they generally use the same hotel on a regular basis this is the method I prefer and in the past I have obtained football signed memorabilia but you must make sure you have the correct football merchandise with you at all times. The last way I collect autographed football items is to attend the ground the day of the match, this has often proven to be fruitful as I not only have collected soccer autographs but rock autographs and signed music memorabilia. I recently got a Rod Stewart autograph at a Celtic game that he was attending. It is very rare to get music memorabilia or music autographs at a football match that instance was one in a million. My most treasured football autograph was collected in my home town many years ago, it was a George Best autographed photo, which is also my favourite framed autograph to date. Signed sports memorabilia is my passion and I have many famous autographs in my collection other than George Best autographs I have several autographed albums with a Bobby Charlton autograph and autographed photos of virtually every Premiership team in my collection. It has taken years of collecting sports autographs and memorabilia to arrive at where I am now with over five thousand authentic autographs and items of autographed sports memorabilia. I have also traded in authentic sports memorabilia for over 7 years now and have had many sports autographs sold on my website and traded with other autograph dealers items of sport memorabilia, I can still remember my first autographed football it was back in 1971 when Aberdeen beat Celtic in the Scottish Cup Final. I managed to get several players to sign a plastic football at the start of the 1972 season after one of their training sessions. It’s hard to believe I have been collecting sport memorabilia for nearly forty years, no wonder 8 years ago I decided to be an autograph dealer who primarily deals in sport autographs, signed sports memorabilia and hand signed autographs. In the last eight years I have joined several autograph organisations namely the UACC and AFTAL and have risen to the prestigious ranks of UACC Registered Dealer and AFTAL Approved Dealer in the last few years. Even though I deal in memorabilia I must confess that I am a collector at heart and hate putting autographs for sale when I could hold on to them but I only have so much storage room in my house !!!!! If there is anybody out there who wants to buy autographs………. Check out my website memorabilia Keep on collecting that autographed football memorabilia!

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Autographed Boxing Memorabilia Signed Photos And Boxing Gloves For Sale


I was recently invited along to an event in Aberdeen Exhibition Centre to a Gentlemen’s Dinner. The main guest being Mike Tyson former World Heavyweight champion, along with Mike was another former heavy weight champion Tim Witherspoon and an another World Title holder Lee McAllister who hails from Aberdeen. During the course of the evening I was fortunate enough to meet Mike and Tim and got a photograph of myself with Mike Tyson which is in the process of getting framed as I write this article. Throughout the evening there were opportunities to purchase boxing memorabilia, boxing autographs and signed boxing gloves via raffles, auction and a game called heads and tails. Amongst the items in the auction there were Muhammad Ali signed shorts, Mike Tyson signed gloves and also a great deal of signed boxing merchandise available at reasonable prices. This was probably one of the biggest dinners I have attended with over 500 people turning out to see Mike and his fellow World Champions. As you can imagine he was in great demand to autograph memorabilia and he did do several signed photos for charity and for those involved in the organising of the evening. However his time was in great demand and not everyone got signed boxing memorabilia. I was fortunate in so much as my friends did a private signing session with the champ earlier in the year where I obtained a signed photo, signed boxing shorts and a few unusual items of boxing memorabilia and a personalised autograph. Getting back to the items that were for sale in the auction there was some great Muhammad Ali memorabilia signed in person by the legend including signed pictures, autographed boxing gloves and even a signed boxing robe. All of the items in the auction were fantastic and well presented pieces of autographed boxing memorabilia. But my favourite item was of the greatest pound for pound fighter around at the moment Manny Pacquiao signed shorts which was in my opinion the best framed autograph that was up for auction. The highlight of the evening was a question and answer session with Mike where he covered his career from start to finish including all of the ups and downs and even a few of the controversial moments in his life, all in all it was a very entertaining evening spent in the company of one of the all time Heavyweight greats.

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Sports Bets: Here is the Trend for Autumn 2019

For the sports betting sites, 2019 was a year of confirmation, in terms of statistical data. While going through a period of decline, characterized by 7.8% less than last year, the total figure of 1.2 billion euros confirms that online betting is closing another year with record revenues, according to the report released from the Journalism Agency for the AGIMEG Gaming Market. Going to see the latest data available, let’s see how, last September, the sports betting sector earned a revenue of 128.2 million euros, while the overall figure for online betting is around 62 million euros, 2% more than the previous year. Today many sites dedicated to betting online are not limited exclusively to football bets, but allow you to bet on a wide range of sports, thus meeting the tastes of anyone who follows championships such as basketball, tennis or ice hockey and boxing, for example . Furthermore, you can also place bets on eSports, that is professional video games competitions. These are tournaments that can be, for example, football simulations, whose competition levels reach those of real football. For those unfamiliar with eSports it can be strange, but nevertheless this phenomenon has worldwide proportions and is constantly on the rise, to the point of boasting specific championships, with the audience that meets, referees and commentators on the challenges as on the Librabet website among the most sought after and clicked at the moment, with regards to the online betting sector.

Today, among the advantages of online sports betting, there is also what makes it possible to place a game in live mode, ie following an event in real time and betting money based on its performance. This means that you can play from anywhere, with a smartphone or tablet with internet connection or from the comfort of your own home, with a fixed PC. Those who prefer to go to a real place can find different places in any medium or large Italian city. Sports betting enthusiasts can also engage with online casinos, portals on which to play games such as non-aams slots, blackjack, poker, roulette and much more. Bookmaker non aams category portals based on the concept of differentiation of the offer linked to the live sports betting circuit are becoming increasingly popular, as they are able to offer improved and differentiated odds, compared to the usual betting circuits like Sisal and similar. , which actually offer the same type of offer, with very similar solutions. The circuit of alternative betting sites, which do not refer to the AAMS sites, propose valid quotas both for live events and for the current season calendar for the Serie A championship and for international competitions such as Champions and Europe League.

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Custom Made Socks: The Ultimate Best Birthday Gift This Season

There’s nothing greater in life than giving and getting presents. Everyone loves the surprise and the impatience while the one celebrating opens the present. The joy that fills the room and everyone’s smiles are a priceless sight. Especially when it comes to people we love.

However, when the present is unrevealed, and the one celebrating is not excited about it and must act like they are, it’s really sad and embracing. When a person thinks of socks as a gift they always think of something boring. Click here to see a list of most desired gifts.

Everyone’s grandma comes to mind instantly. Old people love giving presents like this. The reason is logical actually. We all choose gifts that we love and we think everyone else will too. Old folks have low blood pressure making their bodies always feel cold. A good pair of socks is essential for a well-spent day.

They think everyone will be happy if they get a new pair. The younger generation, of course, has no problem of this kind. They are wild and always in action and a lot of the time they walk around in public wearing not even shoes.

How to make socks a great present for everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting your grandpa’s birthday party where he turns 96 or your girlfriend who’s turning 19. A pair of socks now can be a great present. How? By getting a custom made pair that will have a printed picture, letters, or a logo of something.

Get a closer look of how this is being done on this link: As you can see, they are being printed with almost anything you like.

How to do this in the real life? Look for a printing shop where they make the printing of things that you’ll order. Custom made printing shops are the ones that will turn an ordinary boring pair of socks into the best birthday present ever.

Let’s say you have a boyfriend who’s a huge fan of the LA Lakers. Getting them yellow and purple socks with the faces of LeBron James on one sock and Anthony Davis on the other one can be the best present they’ve got ever.

There are different kinds of socks too. Short ones, those going up to the knees, or winter models. All of them offer a wide variety of options and choices. You can open the internet and look for some ideas about how to make them more interesting.

For example, the stylish long up to the knees will have a lot of fabric on which you can draw. There are countless options for what to place on them. Open the browser and look for some suggestions, ideas, and DIY videos where people share their stories and ideas.

An important issue to mind

Make sure you choose a good printing house before doing this. The reason we say this is because the quality of work is highly important for having an amazing present. Imagine what will happen if you give this to someone inexperienced.

They might get all the pictures and the words wrong or they’ll use a poor color for the print. Imagine what will happen if they put the face of Steph Curry instead of LeBron’s? The disappointment will turn into anger, no doubt.

Also, everything may go well, but the socks should last long enough to see at least one winter to the end. The print must stay in place and intact for a long time and not fall off after one wash. That’s why choosing the best ones is highly important. If you’re about to get a good gift, make sure it’s great.


A present should be both practical and good-looking. When it comes to this option, you can be sure that it’s highly practical and if you don’t do some custom work on them, they won’t become appealing enough, that’s for sure.

If you choose a great print and find something that the person receiving will love it, you can be sure that you’re checking both points. They will be useful and they will be appealing. That’s why we say this is the best birthday present this season!

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Breast Surgeries

Breast Reduction Surgery For Gigantomastia: Many women have large breasts. Oversized breasts have several secondary health conditions associated with it. It hampers the the circulation of blood to the heart and lungs, abrasion on the epidermis of the chest and also the lower breast, improper fit of clothes lastly some psychological impacts too. So, by Breast Reduction Surgery, surgical procedures are done to reduce and resize the breast tissue to bring them in to a new shape. It reshapes the breast mound having a skin and breast growth, pedicle, Breast reduction surgical treatment is not only completed to alleviate medical issues, it also gives new aesthetic sense to women.

Augmentation Mammoplasty: Breast Augmentation is conducted basically to offer an aesthetic sense to breasts. There are several techniques linked to it. Generally, 3 techniques can be used breast augmentation.

Saline Implants
Silicone Implants
Alternative-Composition Implants

Breast Augmentation doesn’t have any functional side-effects on breasts. It generally takes 4-6 weeks to heal.

Mastectomy: Mastectomy is conducted especially on cancers of the breast patients. Generally, mastectomy is completed only when there isn’t a option left to manage the cancer cells. After a mastectomy, prosthetic breasts and nipple prostheses can often help patient gain emotional and psychological strength.

There Are Generally Different Types Of Mastectomy.

Simple Mastectomy is completed on Women with large parts of duct carcinoma. Simple Mastectomy is usually called total mastectomy.

Radical Mastectomy is implemented to remove invasive cancer for prevention. In this surgery, lymph nodes are examined before surgery.

Radical Mastectomy is completed only when the cancer tissue starts affecting stomach muscles. But this type of mastectomy is less preferred nowadays, because less effectiveness.

In a partial mastectomy, just a part on the breast is taken away. In this style of surgery, more tissues are removed than lumpectomy.

Lumpectomy: A lumpectomy is definitely an alternative solution to mastectomy. It is a way to get rid of only the large tissue on the breasts carrying cancer. In this case, complete removing of breasts is not needed and merely the portion with the breast is taken off.

Breast-Conserving Surgery: Breast-Conserving Surgery is definitely an alternative for the Mastectomy. In this case cancer cells are removed through radiation and chemotherapy. Generally, patients told they have 1st and 2nd stage of cancer are executed with breast-conserving surgery.

Mastopexy: It is the procedure to uplift the saggy breasts for the chest with the women. It is specially implemented to improve the aesthetic beauty.

Microdochectomy: It is the removing of lactiferous ducts. This is finished when nipples start discharging fluids that happen to be coming from ducts. This is the earliest stage of cancer.

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Rhetoric, And Quality, National Policy

Many individuals, throughout our nation, along with the world, wake – up, every day, worrying concerning the potential risks, together with what, our planet, might seem like, for generations to come! Each of us, should, realize and recognize, you will find there’s huge difference, between, political rhetoric, versus, the most beneficial, finest, needed and necessary, national POLICY! Does anyone, ever, remember, any public official, in recent memory, who perceived to place, all the emphasis on his rhetoric/ vitriol, promises, and politics – first, type of governing, as President Donald Trump? With that in mind, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, utilizing the mnemonic approach, what this signifies and represents, and why it matters.

1. Priorities; planning; phases; process/ procedure; pursuits: Whose priorities should, elected officials, serve and represent, their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, or yours? How can anyone serve our citizens, if required, unless/ until, someone, is fully prepared, and ready, and takes some time, to pay attention to the finest amount of planning? This uses a step – by – step, approach, plus the patience, to search, through every one of the phases, as part of their regular process! The finest procedure, to take pursuits towards fruition, is strategically planning, being ready and eager, and also a thorough knowledge and idea of potential ramifications, and contingencies!

2. Open – mind; options; opportunities: A national leader should have an open – mind, to take into consideration the options and alternatives, and become prepared for potential opportunities, for your nation’s and earth’s, needs! Do you believe, President Trump, does so?

3. Listen; learn; leadership: Although the optimum leadership takes a willingness, to effectively, listen, and learn, the current occupant on the White House, usually, only, do this, in the event the information, will follow him! We deserve, and want, better, more relevant, and sustainable leaders!

4. Instincts; innovate; interest; ideas; ideology; insights: It takes in excess of ego, and believing, you can rely your personal insights, and instincts, but, the very last 30 months, we’ve experienced, much less expensive than what is optimum! In evolving times, we should be served, and represented, by someone, who might innovate, and bring in regards to the ideas, which might be based on our core ideology!

5. Character; coordinate; clarify; conceive; create: When our President, has produced significant misstatements, it appears obvious, he isn’t able to possess, the standard of character, and that is preferable! A national leader must coordinate the most beneficial service, for those constituents, instead of, merely, his core supporters! He perceives better, conceives courses to follow along with, and produces, the earth, and plans, which clarify, how we’ll make it!

6. Yes; you: A preferred, President, finds ways, to convey, yes, to the very best interests of constituents, and putting, you, and your needs, prior to any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

Politicians, often, use rhetoric, to make empty promises, once we need, an importance on creating the top, possible, national POLICY! Wake up, America, and demand more, from those, we elect!

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