Many individuals, throughout our nation, along with the world, wake – up, every day, worrying concerning the potential risks, together with what, our planet, might seem like, for generations to come! Each of us, should, realize and recognize, you will find there’s huge difference, between, political rhetoric, versus, the most beneficial, finest, needed and necessary, national POLICY! Does anyone, ever, remember, any public official, in recent memory, who perceived to place, all the emphasis on his rhetoric/ vitriol, promises, and politics – first, type of governing, as President Donald Trump? With that in mind, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, utilizing the mnemonic approach, what this signifies and represents, and why it matters.

1. Priorities; planning; phases; process/ procedure; pursuits: Whose priorities should, elected officials, serve and represent, their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, or yours? How can anyone serve our citizens, if required, unless/ until, someone, is fully prepared, and ready, and takes some time, to pay attention to the finest amount of planning? This uses a step – by – step, approach, plus the patience, to search, through every one of the phases, as part of their regular process! The finest procedure, to take pursuits towards fruition, is strategically planning, being ready and eager, and also a thorough knowledge and idea of potential ramifications, and contingencies!

2. Open – mind; options; opportunities: A national leader should have an open – mind, to take into consideration the options and alternatives, and become prepared for potential opportunities, for your nation’s and earth’s, needs! Do you believe, President Trump, does so?

3. Listen; learn; leadership: Although the optimum leadership takes a willingness, to effectively, listen, and learn, the current occupant on the White House, usually, only, do this, in the event the information, will follow him! We deserve, and want, better, more relevant, and sustainable leaders!

4. Instincts; innovate; interest; ideas; ideology; insights: It takes in excess of ego, and believing, you can rely your personal insights, and instincts, but, the very last 30 months, we’ve experienced, much less expensive than what is optimum! In evolving times, we should be served, and represented, by someone, who might innovate, and bring in regards to the ideas, which might be based on our core ideology!

5. Character; coordinate; clarify; conceive; create: When our President, has produced significant misstatements, it appears obvious, he isn’t able to possess, the standard of character, and that is preferable! A national leader must coordinate the most beneficial service, for those constituents, instead of, merely, his core supporters! He perceives better, conceives courses to follow along with, and produces, the earth, and plans, which clarify, how we’ll make it!

6. Yes; you: A preferred, President, finds ways, to convey, yes, to the very best interests of constituents, and putting, you, and your needs, prior to any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

Politicians, often, use rhetoric, to make empty promises, once we need, an importance on creating the top, possible, national POLICY! Wake up, America, and demand more, from those, we elect!