I would like to offer my experience I have had in the past ten years of wearing hair extensions. To cut a good story short I would never use any methods which will cause injury to the natural hair.

Many salons now only are experts in two safe extensions products. Using only the highest quality 100% Human European hair. The methods used are tape hair extensions which last 90 days before being used on your hair again. The other would be the clip in means of hair extensions which you’ll want to simply clip to in and out.

The tape in hair extensions can even be known as the skin weft hairpieces which is a safe method. Whilst wearing they stay secure and discreet appearing like your own natural hair. They can come to be used once more after 90 days if you are using the European natural splendor. If you want a quick solution that is not permanent use clip in hair. Clip in hair extensions tend not to damage natural hair.

Celebrities provide an advantage of this short style 1 minute and long the following. This is as a result of either applying clip in hair or tape hair which might be discreet and cause no damage hence why they generally go looking very natural.

Hair extensions come in so many different methods that it may be hard to choose a method which is right for you. The main problem is that the hair quality is of Remy grade European along with the method will never cause any damage to your own personal natural hair.

I advise to research different places and visit those to see what you’re really happy with. With a whole new look when it be with clip in hair extensions you’re sure to feel fantastic. With the new weave hair extensions available it really is pre taped prepared to apply in under one hour.

A couple of years ago the glue inside pre bonded method was the total market leader, though the rise of a good new application techniques such as tape hair extensions. I believe these are the basic way to go. I highly suggest paying more to save inside long run. I will only wear human European Remy hair that’s double drawn. I also suggest requesting a sample piece. Many tape hair suppliers will offer you this free of charge.

If you wish to feel like a different women try a new look today or tomorrow. I hope I have shared some understanding of the safest methods easily obtainable in my personal opinion.