For those with a dolls collection, the decision about what to get them for a birthday gift is made much easier. There is no need to wonder if your family member or friend will like the gift, because they have already started a collection to which you are adding a new figure. Doll presents can be found at fine collectibles websites, and these dolls intended for adult collectors come in a wealth of different themes, sizes and prices. There are many different types of themes for the dolls collection. You can collect a baby, child, cultural, fashion, bride, fantasy or plush doll line, for example. Finding a fashion doll that you like will be relatively easy, because there are so many different ones from which to choose your favorite. A doll with a fairy maiden theme will have beautifully detailed fairy wings, and the dress will be long and flowing, as will the hair of the doll. Another fashion look is from the vampire doll style, where the doll wears a school uniform with a short plaid skirt, black fitted jacket with a tie at the neck, knee-high socks and black shoes. Bride dolls are also very beautiful for display. A cultural bride doll will come wearing the clothing that would be traditionally worn in the country of origin for a wedding, and grouping them together for display will provide you and your guests with a great deal to enjoy each time you look at them. Disney also has a broad doll line that encompasses favorite characters from their animated cartoons and films. Princesses from Disney are glorious in their attention to detail in terms of the elaborate dresses that they wear. Even Mickey and Minnie Mouse are represented in their classic black ears and red and white clothing. The size of the doll you select can vary greatly among the different doll lines. Some are very tiny, such as those offered by So Truly Real, in their Tiny Miracles line. The doll from this collection will only be ten inches in length. A Heavenly Handfuls doll measures only five to six inches long, while a larger fine collectible doll will measure in at sixteen inches tall or even more. The cost of doll presents varies, but many are available that are quite affordable. Prices start around thirty dollars, and can range all the way up to two hundred for a highly sought-after doll.