Burberry is just about the world’s oldest and a lot respected fashion brands. Founded in 1856, it features a long background has been instrumental in creating a few of the iconic fashion statements with the 20th century. Examples include the trench coat along with the famous tartan check pattern which is now widely copied.

Burberry (also known as Burberrys) has gained in stature over time and has also sponsored the clothing of famous personages like Roald Emundsen who was simply the first man on the south pole. All their products employ a strong “outdoor” feel to them along with the same is true of their fragrances.

As far as perfumes and colognes go,their range can be quite wide – bigger than those of other quality perfume brands for instance Ed Hardy and Alfred Sung.

The Burberry Fragrance Line.

The Burberry fragrances are floral, fruity, is actually a hint of wood. The scents are typical pervasive together with the classic outdoor feel directly to them. The Burberry fragrances are generally divided into the Men’s line plus the Women’s line with plenty collections in each. Their latest launch – Burberry “The Beat” has been around since March 2008.

All in all of the, around 15 different fragrances inside Burberry kitty. Unlike other fragrances, the volume of loyal Burberry fragrance wearers is incredibly large. The bottles when the perfumes come packaged aren’t too much like other quality perfumes, but they are simple and classic in form. They typically appear in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles and many lines use a separate “Men’s” and “Women’s” bisection. Let us look at many of them.

Burberry “The Beat”

Available as “The Beat” standalone plus in a “Men’s” variation, The Beat is really a woody fragrance inside men’s version and it has floral hints inside the regular one. It was released in March 2008. Designed for the current man and woman, it is really an energetic fragrance.

Burberry “Brit”

Available in three different varieties – for guys, women, along with the “Sheer” line for guys, the Brit line is certainly one of Burberry’s hottest scents. The description about the woman’s line is, a “surprising” mixture of sugar and spices. All three variants are available in bottles designed inside classic Burberry checked pattern.

Burberry “London”

In a modern twist, the bottles for Burberry “London” are encapsulated in actual Burberry Fabric giving a fun filled authenticity for the whole ensemble. Crafted by Dominique Ropion who also is usually an author, this scent can also be available in two varieties. The men’s’ line comes with a “amber woody” fragrance that is certainly very different from the women’s and that is strictly floral.