When anybody, serves as a public official, citizens tend to be harmed, if they put their personal/ political agenda, self – interest, and EGOS, before common good! Shouldn’t elected leaders emphasize quality service, and representation? Although, our Constitution states, of those, and also for the people, it’s far too rare, when those, we elect, someone, who takes those words, as seriously, while they should! Especially, currently, when many feel, lots of the rights, liberties, freedoms, plus the concept of, justice for all those, is under attack, voters must overcome their apathy, pay keen attention, and you should consider, the possibility ramifications of failing to adequately protect, those ideas, that have made, America great! With that in mind, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, while using the mnemonic approach, what this implies and represents, and why, it matters.

1. Empathy; emphasis; ego; endangers: Whether one supports, agrees, opposes, or disagrees, overall, together with the leadership, rhetoric, and actions of President Donald Trump, all should agree, and recognize, he, often, makes every issue, about him, and the way, it impacts him, rather then seeking a conference – of – the – minds, for your common good! In order to do, prefer, and necessary, we’d like a leader, with genuine empathy, and, who, places his focus on service and representation, rather then populist rhetoric, vitriol, and polarization! Feeding one’s ego, often, endangers this nation, through the perspective of relevance, sustainability, and protecting the continent, today, and climate and water, and also the environment, to the generations, which follow!

2. Generate goodwill: Empty rhetoric and promises, vitriol, name – calling, blaming, and complaining, doesn’t generate goodwill, or any meeting – of – the – minds, even when it makes the politician, feel much better, feed his ego, and help him, coming from a political perspective! Don’t we end up needing, and deserve, better?

3. Options; opportunities; organized, others: When service and representation, to others, is hindered, and/ or, obstructed, the united states suffers! Ideally, someone would recognize, and consider various options, and alternatives, choosing the finest opportunities, rather than emphasizing populism, and/ or, a path, of least resistance! It takes a lot more than, mere words, to obtain the finest objectives, but, rather, a concerted effort, and quality preparation, in order to be able to lead, inside most organized way!

4. Service; solutions; sustainable; strengths/ stronger: Only, when/ if, meaningful service, plus a search for solutions, could be the highest priority, will one offer sustainable leadership. Instead of one, letting, his ego, receive the best, of him, quality leaders proceed, inside an introspective, objective way, to learn his strengths, together with weaknesses. Using strengths, effectively, and addressing regions of weakness, makes one stronger, where denial, and/ or, putting – himself – first, just isn’t in our interests!

We all suffer, when public leaders, take their EGOS, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, before best interests of constituents. Wake up, America, and demand, more, from those, you elect. for everyone and represent your preferences, goals, and priorities!