Many polls, and conversations, indicate, a lot of the American people, believe, now, simply, don’t feel RIGHT! The combination products, seems to be, unprecedented lies/ lying, because of the present occupant on the White House, polarizing rhetoric/ vitriol, blaming and complaining, and pitting core supporters, versus non – supporters, seems, to become, as a minimum, strange and unusual, and, at, divisive, polarizing, dangerous, and brimming with undesirable ramifications! With that in mind, the following paragraphs will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, with all the mnemonic approach, how this works and represents, and why, it concerns, lots of people.

1. Relevant; righteous; reasoning; real/ realistic: Merely, proceeding, with the emphasis on a similar – old, same – old ways, and methods, instead from the most relevant behavior, could possibly be popular/ populist, and politically astute, but has potential, undesirable ramifications! Great leaders need to be truly, righteous, without becoming, self – righteous! They must exhibit reasoning, and that is realistic, honest, and seeks real solutions, on the challenges, facing our nation!

2. Insights; integrity; innovate; improve: The nation, and world, benefits, in the event the insights individuals President, use maintaining the absolute maximum degree of genuine, absolute integrity. If, many, feel, they cannot trust of believe he / she, how could things, really, improve? Instead on the same – old, same – old, rhetoric, promises, and ideas, as times change, and evolve, our public officials should be ready, willing, able, and able to innovating, and generating a change, for your better!

3. Generate goodwill; greater good: It doesn’t seem helpful, unless/ until, someone prioritizes the higher good, as an alternative to, President Trump’s apparent focus on prioritizing his or her own, personal/ political agenda, and self – interest! If our leaders don’t generate goodwill, doesn’t necessarily feel right!

4. Humane; human rights; healing; head/ heart: Our President, often, appears to be lack, the fundamental, humane, empathetic feelings, previous Presidents, did actually possess! How can America do great, when we fail to speak out, for human rights, around the world? Shouldn’t our leader, emphasize healing, rather then polarizing, and bringing people together, for that common good? Coordinating the best possible aspects individuals logical, and emotional components, employing a head/ heart balance, is exactly what, most seek, and deem most crucial and relevant!

5. Time – tested; truth/ trust; timely; trends: One must spend on studying and listening to advice from the past, to avoid repeating the identical mistakes. This time – tested, approach, joined with recognizing and taking advantage from the most appropriate trends, serves our very best interests! A great least tells the facts, consistently, to create the trust, our nation seeks, and deserves! There is no location for procrastination, when well – considered, timely action is required, and necessary!

You’re not the only one, if numerous things, today, don’t feel RIGHT! Wake up, America, and demand, better representation and service!